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Planetary war between Mars and Venus

Venus and Mars continue to get closer in Sagittarius and will continue to be neck and neck for quite a while. This will continue until mid-April and will not end until Mars is in Capricorn and Venus is in Aquarius. This situation is often referred to as a planetary war. The planet that pulls ahead when the planets eventually separate is said to be the planet that wins the war and whatever qualities that planet indicates will dominate the outcome of the situation indicated by the war.

So, as discussed in my last post this planetary war is relevant to the tension between Ukraine and Russia. This means that this tension will not be resolved until May at the earliest. The fact that this will end with Mars in its sign of exaltation, Capricorn, and the fact that Venus wins the war in the end indicates that this tension will be resolved without full scale war breaking out.

The Sun will move into Aquarius in four days and will join Jupiter in this sign. In seven days, Saturn will no longer be combust and will remain in its sign of Capricorn. This will help add some more stability to both the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as help stabilizing personal difficulties you may be experiencing a work, with the government, and the law.

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