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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth’s II chart is an interesting example of how a chart with debilitated planets and no Raja Yoga’s can be that of a powerful head of state. Her Jupiter is debilitated in her first house of Capricorn. This is unusually for a ruler as Jupiter along with the Sun are planets associated with rulers and their ideal qualities such as authority, power, and wisdom. Jupiter shares Capricorn with and exalted Mars and this Mars aspects and exalted Sun in the 4th house of Aries. As Aries is ruled by Mars, this combination creates an incredible strong Sun. The 4th house, where this Sun is placed, indicates the homeland and the mother. This is a fitting placement for The Queen Mother of the nation.

So, this interaction of an exalted Mars and an exalted Sun help make up for the weakness of her Jupiter. However, this Jupiter was important for her in another way. Jupiter is also an indication of the father and Elizabeth assumed the throne at a relatively young age due to the death of her father, which set up a seventy-year reign. She also has a debilitated Mercury in her 3rd house of Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter. This indicates a weak ego for a queen and could mean she is a poor communicator, but in this case seems to indicate that she communicates through her silence and what she chooses not to comment on says as much as what she chooses to comment on. Her largely silent stance on the politics of the day is an example of this.

She has a number of other placements that add to her power. She has a strong Venus in her second house of Aquarius, which gives a beautiful voice, graceful manners, and the ability of persuasion. She also has a Moon in its own sign of Cancer in her 7th house. The fact that it is in the 7th house adds to its power as it means she has planets in three of the four angles. The angles are house 1,4, 7, and 10. Planets in angles gives people power and authority in life and having planet in three or four angles is rare this adds to her power. She also has a retrograde Saturn in her 11th house of Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and because her natal Mars is in Saturn ruled Capricorn this means that Mars and Saturn are exchanging signs. This Saturn aspects her 1st house and indicates that much of her power comes from a carefully crafted and well thought out public image.

This Saturn also played a role in her death. She died in Jupiter Dasha and Jupiter was retrograde in her 3rdhouse of Pisces. This sign was being aspected by a retrograde Saturn transiting over her first house of Capricorn, which was being aspected by her native retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is a planet of death and limitation and the influence of these two retrograde Saturns on her natal debilitated Jupiter in her 1st house and the retrograde Jupiter transiting over her 3rd house in Jupiter dasha is the major indicator of her death.

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