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Rahu and Ketu will change signs on April 12th

On April 12th the nodes of the Moon will change signs. Ketu will enter Libra and Rahu will enter Aries. This is a very important transit as the nodes only change signs every year and a half and they signify the main area in which you are receiving the results of past karma and creating new karma. They are the most unusual of planets as the are abstract points in space where the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon will occur when those planets come into conjunction with the nodes. They are almost like the shadows of planets from another dimension.

This coming transit is a bit odd, as it almost as if the nodes are in or each other signs or have exchanged signs, even though they do not rule any signs. However, Rahu and Ketu do rule some Rashis. In Jyotish or India astrology, each sign is divided into two and one a half lunar houses called Rashis. This is because it takes the Moon about two and a half days to move through a sign. Ketu rules a Rashi in Aries and Rahu rules a Rashi in Libra. Also, Ketu is often said to be closest to Mars in character and Rahu is said to be similar to Saturn in character. Saturn is exalted in Libra and Mars rules Aries.

Normally when planets exchange houses their negative results are lessened. That is potentially true in this case, but only if you are very conscious and careful in your actions. Having Rahu in Aries can make someone extremely selfish and the results of that selfishness will be delivered to you by Ketu in Libra. During the next year and a half, it will be easy to destroy relationships and marriages by giving in to a selfish impulse or desire, due to the nature of the nodes this could occur very suddenly. You could also be alone or in a relationship and feel ignored due to your past karma being delivered to you by Ketu. This may cause you to feel resentful, angry, aggressive, and act impulsively. You may turn to alcohol or drugs for solace, as Rahu represents these things. This may cause you to drive impulsively or while intoxicated and cause to crash your car, as both Rahu and Ketu indicate sudden accidents and even explosions. In other words, this placement of the nodes could easily lead one down a path of self-destruction.

To counter these more extreme outcomes it is important to be aware that these things are much more likely during the next year and a half and use this awareness and your will to avoid acting selfishly and impulsively or festering in resentment and becoming self-destructive. These are of course general examples and a lot depends on if there are any planets in these signs in your natal chart and the house of these signs in your natal chart among other things.

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