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Retrograde Jupiter enter Capricorn

Jupiter is about to reenter Capricorn in its retrograde motion. Here it will join Saturn in its own house. Saturn is also retrograde. Jupiter is exiting the masculine house ruled by Saturn and entering the feminine sign ruled by Saturn, it is also moving from an air to an earth sign. This signals a shift from a focus on big ideas and towards more material concerns such as finances and institutions. It is a shift from the progressive to the conservative. There will be a focus on those things related to survival and practical as opposed to the ideal. However, this will only be temporary as Jupiter will go direct and reenter the sign of Aquarius by the end of November.

This will also shift the 9th aspect of Jupiter to Virgo where and Mars and an exalted Mercury are located. This gives the hope of resolving long standing issues of finance, responsibility, debt, guilt, and relationships through clear, honest communication and courage.

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