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Roe vs. Wade

This leak regarding the possible overturning of Roe vs. Wade occurred when Saturn had just entered Aquarius, where it joined Mars. In the chart of the United States this is the 4th house, a house that signifies mothers. Saturn is planet of both limitation, death, and justice, while Mars is a harsh active male force that often indicates conflict and violence. The Moon is also in Aquarius in the chart of the USA and is the enemy of both Mars and Saturn, but Saturn has particularly malefic, restrictive, and depressive effect on the Moon. Saturn also aspects the 6th house of Aries from this position, a house of both medical procedures and enemies. Jupiter and Venus are in the 5th house of Pisces, a house indicating children. Jupiter, also indicates children and it rules Pisces and Venus is exalted here, indicating love and protection of children. Put together, all this indicates a conflict with between mothers and male authorities over the protection of children involving a medical procedures and enemies.

Mercury has just gone retrograde in Taurus, Mars will soon enter Pisces, Venus will soon enter Aries, and Saturn will soon go retrograde. Around the 15th of June all of this will have occurred and Venus will be conjunct Rahu in Aries indicating the time for the karma of this conflict to manifest has arrived. It will be also be aspected by a retrograde Saturn from Aquarius. Mars will be aspecting the Sun In the 8th house of Gemini. In Gemini, the chart of USA has 4 planets, which are the Sun Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. This sign can be somewhat of a powder keg, with so many fiery planets in a dual air sign. With the transit of the Sun and the aspect of Mars it is likely to explode. It seems that between June 15th and June 23rd, the court will issue its opinion and violence will break out. The unrest is likely to last 45 to 60 days.

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