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Roe vs. Wade

The Sun and Mercury have entered Cancer. Cancer is being aspected from three planets in their own signs; Mars from Aries, Jupiter from Pisces, and a retrograde Saturn from Capricorn. Cancer is the 9th house of the natal chart of the USA. This is interesting as the house represents higher values and morality, but also justice and the justice system, as well as law.

One of the things the 9th house signifies is the Supreme Court. Jupiter is aspecting it from the 5th house of children and Saturn is aspecting it from the 3rd house of ego and self-effort. Jupiter has the expansive energy of growth and Saturn has constrictive and limiting effect. This combination could be said to limit the freedom of the ego or limited self in favor of the growth of children through the court. However, Mars is aspecting the 9th house from the 6th house of enemies and is getting closer to Rahu.

On August 1st, Mars will be in exact conjunction with Rahu and Mercury and the Moon will exit Cancer on that day enter Leo, relieving them of the aspect of Mars. This is a very explosive and violent energy focused on the 9th house and indicates increasing political tension around the overturning of Roe vs. Wade that is likely to express itself in an intense or explosive event between the 30th of July and 14th of August. After the middle of August this tension will begin to dissipate and the abortion issue will be of less political consequence for at least 9 months.

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