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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has two Raja Yogas in her chart. One is formed by Mars, Jupiter, and Ketu in her 9th house of Leo and the other is formed by Mercury and the Sun in her 4th house of Pisces. A Raja Yoga is formed when the ruler of a trine (1st, 5th, and 9th houses) is placed in an angle or a trine with the ruler of an angle (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses). This is known as the yoga of kings and gives greatness and mastery in the areas represented. The 9th house indicates the law, the justice system, and judges. The 4th house indicates the home and mothers. Both of these Raja Yogas involve retrograde planets, which is rare.

Retrograde planets generally indicate obstacles or difficulties with the areas of life indicated by the planets. These difficulties cause one to reflect on these aspects of life in order to figure out a way to overcome these difficulties. Whether or not one is able to overcome these obstacles, retrogrades usually leaves one thoughtful or insightful about these areas of life. In Ginsburg’s case these retrograde planets are in Raja Yogas, so she did have the ability to overcome such obstacles and difficulties. In fact, the process of overcoming them probably added to her skill and power in these areas of life. This combination of Raja Yoga’s gave her the skill and opportunity to become both a Judge at the highest level and a wife and mother simultaneously, something that was unheard of the time and is still difficult to achieve.

Jupiter is her ruling planet of her rising sign and forms part of the Raja yoga in her 9th house. This further reinforces her role as a judge as Jupiter is the planet of the teachers, judges, and wisdom. She also has Saturn her 2nd house of Capricorn. The second house is the house of early education and the values you learn at an early age from parents. This indicates that had a good early education and was taught to value hard work and discipline, as Saturn is in its own sign here and indicates hard work and discipline. This Saturn also aspects her Raja Yoga in her 4th house of Pisces.

She was appointed to the Supreme Court at the end of her Mercury Dasha. Mercury forms a Raja yoga in her 4th house with the Sun. The Sun rules her 9th house in which her other Raja Yoga is placed. This yoga in her 9th house indicates her talents as a Judge. Seven months after being appointed she started her Ketu Dasha and Ketu forms part of the Raja Yoga in her 9th house. So, Mercury Dasha activated the Raja yoga in her 4th house, but because of the Sun’s involvement, also activated the sign in which her other Raja Yoga was placed. Then she entered her Ketu Dasha, activating her second Raja Yoga, just after reaching the peak position in her career. This interaction between these Raja Yogas occurs because Jupiter and the Sun have exchanged signs, meaning Jupiter is in the Sun’s sign and the Sun is in Jupiter’s sign. This also indicates the balance she was able to achieve between work life and her family life as the Sun is in her 4th house indicating motherhood and the home and Jupiter is in the 9th house indicating her life as a judge.her life as a judge.

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