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Sade Sati begins for those with a Pisces natal Moon

Slow moving planets have usually more profound and long-term effects on one’s life. This is because they spend so long in each sign, allowing them to deliver their influence to the area of life the sign represents. So, when a slow-moving planet changes signs one should pay attention.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet of all, spending two and a half years transiting each sign. Saturn recently left Capricorn and entered Aquarius. Both of these signs are ruled by Saturn, so it is still in good dignity, but Aquarius is the more mental, eccentric, and humanitarian side of Saturn. However, this shift will have the most profound effect on those with their Moon in Pisces as this is the beginning of their Sade Sati.

Sade Sati is a seven-and-a-half-year period when Saturn transits through three signs, the one before your natal Moon, the sign containing your natal Moon, and the sign after your natal Moon. The Sade Sati is usually a difficult and humbling period of time, as Saturn is strongly influencing and constricting your mental, emotion, and psychic life indicated by the Moon. The current transit of Saturn is made more difficult as Rahu is transiting through Aries. This means a Pisces natal Moon is caught between these two slow moving malefices. It could be a time of tragedies and losses caused by accidents or illness. It is wise for those with a Pisces Moon to make an extra effort to take care of their health, especially mental health, with a routine of healthy habits. Serving others and excepting your limits and flaws with humility will also help you through this period.

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