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Saturn and Sade Sati

We have been through difficult times over the last few years due to the position of the planets. The next three months should feel easier and more stable. At that time there will be a major shift when Ketu and Rahu switch signs. However, things are unlikely to feel easier if your natal moon is in Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius, as you will be experiencing what is known as Sade Sati.

This begins when Saturn enters the sign before the sign of your natal Moon and ends when Saturn exits the sign after your natal Moon. The whole thing last seven and a half years and it is a difficult time form most people, but if you have an exalted Saturn in your natal chart it may not be as bad.

This is a time when Saturn will deliver results that feel terrible and our often tragic. The planet will most likely take away or deny you something you love. This is an especially difficult time if you are under thirty, as maturity helps you deal with Saturn. There is usually little that can be done to alter the effects of Saturn and the best remedy is to develop humility, detachment, and discipline. Spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer can also help one deal with this.

Saturn will change signs at the beginning of May 2022, just a couple of weeks after Ketu and Rahu shift signs. When Saturn moves into Aquarius at this time, it means that Sade Sati has ended for people with their natal Moon in Sagittarius and it will have begun for those that have their natal Moon in Pisces.

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