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Saturn combust in Capricorn

Venus is still retrograde this week, but no longer combust. The Sun has moved far enough into Capricorn that Saturn is now combust in its own sign and will be so until the end of February. Mercury is still retrograde and combust in Capricorn. Mars has joined a retrograde Venus in Sagittarius.

This will create a difficult for jobs, vehicles, and communication. Saturn is a planet of responsibility, hard work, and career in a sign signifying the same. You may face challenges, arguments, demotions, and some may even be fired. This is a time when you career aspirations will be purified. You will have to reevaluate and determine what is truly important to you in your career.

It is wise to reflect upon whether your career still serves you. Evaluating yourself and your career realistically and with humility will serve you well. Being arrogant and plowing through your work load as normal, without asking if it is worth it, could lead to disaster. This will be especially difficult for those with a Moon in their natal chart placed in Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius. For these people this month is likely to be more intensely emotional and they are more likely to reevaluate and switch careers or jobs.

Mercury, being retrograde and combust, will lead to miscommunication at work. It could also lead to difficulty with cars or short-range travel causing you to be late for work or meetings. These things are more likely than normal to lead to trouble at work. Allow extra time for travel and make an extra effort to be clear in communication. If you are fired from your job, it will be helpful to look at it as opportunity to do something more meaningful and something that has long term value for you.

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