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Saturn goes retrograde and Mercury enters Gemini

Mars, Venus, and the Moon are currently in Cancer, a sign ruled by the Moon. Every other planet, except for Saturn, is in a sign directly or indirectly ruled by Mars or Venus. This means the effects the planets give are heavily influenced by the Moon’s transit through various signs. The Moon is the fastest moving planet, so this situation creates quickly changing and somewhat chaotic results.

However, in four days, Mercury will exit Taurus and enter its own sign of Gemini. In Gemini it will join the Sun and be combust. This transit of Mercury will remove the influence of the Moon from Mercury and the Sun. This will bring more stability to life for many people. The world will appear understandable and communication and action will be more fruitful for a few weeks, but this is not the case for the USA as a whole. Gemini is the 8th house of the USA, a house of death, rebirth, espionage, secrets, and assassinations. In this sign the USA has four planets; the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. This activates very intense and conflicting energies in the natal chart of the country.

In four days, Mars will enter the last three degrees of Cancer and Venus will join it shortly thereafter. This part of the chart is considered a drowning point where the influence of the planet largely disappears and then reappears at the third degree of Leo. This is a kind of death and rebirth of the planets themselves and a lot of transformation of the things those planets indicate can happen at this time. Also, Saturn has just gone retrograde in its own sign of Aquarius, the 4th house of the USA.

All this indicates the next four months, but especially the next five weeks will be a time of great turmoil and transformation for the country. It is a time when tragedies are significantly more likely to occur. The USA is going through a difficult period due to its Sade Sati, which will last another four years, but the intensity caused by such a process oscillates. This is a period of peak intensity, expect the unexpected and don’t be surprised when obstacles and difficulties arise.

To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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