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Saturn Retrograde

Saturn went retrograde 11 days ago and will remain retrograde until October 22nd, Saturn retrograde puts obstacles in your way to force you to reflect on your habits, limitations, commitments, long term plans, and the purpose of your life in general. This is especially true for those with and Aries rising sign during this retrograde, because Saturn will spend most of this retrograde in Capricorn from which it will be aspecting Aries and Rahu will be in Aries. If you have planets in Aries, you will also feel this retrograde in an intense manner, especially if you are in the Dasha of one of these planets. The same applies if you have Libra rising or planets in Libra as Saturn will be aspecting this sign as well during its retrograde and Ketu will be in this sign through the transit.

Also important is the placement of your natal Moon as Saturn transiting the sign before, the sign of, or the sign after the placement of your natal Moon affects the Moon in a strong and negative manner. This is called Sade Sati, a period of seven-and-a-half years, and it is often the most difficult time of a person’s life, especially if you are in the Dasha of the Moon or Saturn during the transit. The United States of America is in Sade Sati during this transit and the retrograde Saturn will affect the nation and its people strongly. It will especially affect the countries relationship with other nations and it will make new enemies during this time due to its actions. It is also likely to experience a great loss due to past karma as this Saturn will be aspecting Ketu in the country’s 12th house of Libra during its retrograde transit through Capricorn. Ketu is the planet that delivers past karma and the 12th house is the house of loss, death, and isolation.

There are many details that make transits, such as the one discussed, different for everyone. When considering transits of Saturn, the placement of the natal Moon is very important, but many other things make it unique for everyone. Such as what county you live in, as shown in this case, even those who should have a mild transit when looking at their natal chart, will still experience some of the hardships of the USA if they live in that country. The Dasha or planetary cycle is also important in reading transits. This is cycle based on placement of the Moon during your time of birth and it determines what planet affects you most at any particular time. The rising sign is always important as it determines the placement of the houses. There are also divisional charts, natal placements all the planets, aspects of natal placements on transiting planets, and many other details.

Though it may be easy to look up your Sun sign, it will only give you generalizations that apply to all people born that month. It is also only considering one planet and is likely to be highly inaccurate or so general that is not of much use. One of the values of consulting an astrologer is they can give you a detailed reading that applies specifically to you and you can ask specific questions and get answers that apply specifically to you and not everyone born during the same month.

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