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Saturn retrograde with Venus and Mars drowning

Saturn will go retrograde on June 23rd and at the end of June, Mars and Venus will both be in their “drowning point. This occurs at the last three degrees of a water sign and the first three degrees of a fire sign. When this happens the influence of the planets that are “drowning” largely disappears from a chart and there is often a moment of significant change when planets exit their “drowning” point. In this case Mars and Venus will be directly opposite a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius when they exit their drowning point in Leo.

This time will be especially challenging for the United States as a whole, as the Saturn retrograde is occurring in the same house of the country’s natal Moon during its Sade Sati. Sade Sati is a seven-year period where Saturn transit over the house prior to the natal Moon, the house of the natal Moon, and the house after the natal Moon. This is a time when the karma, which Saturn represents, floods into manifestation and many obstacles and tragedies arise.

This is compounded by the fact that Saturn is aspecting the USA’s 1st house of Scorpio, its 10th house of Leo, and its 6th house of Aries. These houses represent the self and the body, authority and power, and enemies respectively. The karma created in the last year will manifest in a way that is likely to be resonant to what happen 27 to 30 years ago, the last time Saturn was in Aquarius. There will likely be a break down in large system and structures that may be caused by enemies. Some possibilities are a stock market crash, an economic recession, setbacks or losses in the war in Ukraine, riots, or terrorist attacks. There is likely to be such a significant event in the month of July as Venus and Mars exit their “drowning” point and move towards direct opposition to a retrograde Saturn.

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