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Saturn's influence dominates the next two months

In one week, Mercury will move into Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, where it will join the Sun. Venus and Saturn are in Aquarius, also ruled by Saturn. Ketu is in Libra, ruled by Venus, but Venus is in Aquarius. This means Saturn is the indirectly ruling the sign Ketu is in. Mars is in Taurus, also ruled by Venus, so Saturn is indirectly ruling Taurus, but also the Mars ruled sign of Aries where Rahu is currently placed. This means that all of the planets, except for Jupiter are directly or indirectly strongly influenced by Saturn for the next two months. This can make these months seem sever and oppressive. There is a good chance you will not get what you want and things will not go your way. However, the fact that in two months the majority of these planets will escape the influence of Saturn should give you hope that difficulties will dissipate soon.

All of this is especially true of the United States as a whole as its natal Moon is in Aquarius and is in a period of Sade Sati. Jupiter is in its own sign of Pisces and not under Saturn’s influence. It also is in the sign directly after Aquarius where the natal moon of the United States is placed. This is important because planets in signs directly before and after the Moon have a strong influence on it and because of this Jupiter will give some grace and hope to the country as a whole in these difficult times. This dynamic will be very similar for those with natal Moons in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces.

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