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Solar Eclipse and War in Ukraine

Saturday is the day of the solar eclipse that will occur in Aries. This means a conjunction of the Moon, the Sun, and Rahu. Eclipses show the areas of life where karma will be manifesting most strongly for the following month. However, their effects can be felt for up to six months, at which point a new eclipse cycle begins. Aries is the sign of individualism, adventure, and the pioneer, but it can also be selfish, impulsive and violent. It is ruled by Mars and is the sign of the warrior.

This eclipse indicates that the war in Ukraine should come to a close in the next 30 to 60 days. It is in Putin’s 7th house and Russia’s 10th house. The 7th house is the indicator of other people, which can indicate both partners and enemies, or enemies who used to be partners. Putin has a retrograde Jupiter in Aries where this eclipse is occurring, in this position it indicates a domineering or dictatorial authority over others. This eclipse will cause the results of his actions in Ukraine to manifest in his life. However, as Venus is his ruling planet and in his natal chart it is placed in the sign opposite Aries, Libra, the war may not come to an end until Venus transits through Aries and into its own house of Taurus in two months.

For the nation of Russia this eclipse will occur in its 10th house. This is a house of power, prestige, and authority. Russia also has Venus in Libra, but in its 4th house of the mother, emotions, and the home land. When Venus passes through Aries and into Taurus it will be entering Russia’s 11th house of gains.

Putting all these indications together I think the war will end in approximately 60 days with Russia adding some of Ukraine to its nation. However, Taurus is Putin’s 8th house. This is a house of secret’s, death, and things like assassinations and there may be a threat to his life during this transit, but because it a planet in its own sign and it is the ruler of his first house, he will survive.

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