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Solar eclipse in Pisces

     On April 8th there will be a full solar eclipse in Pisces. This will have a particularly strong effect on the USA, as it will be visible across the whole country. The effects of eclipses generally are prominent for six months. Rahu, the Sun, the Moon, and Venus will all be in Pisces during this eclipse and it is the 5th house in the chart of this USA. This indicates a strong shock to the economy, especially the stock market during the next six months.

     Luckily, retrograde Mercury will not have entered Pisces during the eclipse. Mercury rules Gemini, the 8th house in the natal chart of the USA, in which there are four planets; the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. Having Mercury directly involved in this eclipse would indicate a lot of chaos for the country, that we will narrowly avoid this time. Also, Jupiter rules Pisces and is good dignity in Aries and Venus is exalted in Pisces. These three factors will help mitigate what would otherwise be a devastating period for the country. However, Venus in this position often indicates indulgence and decadence. Being with Rahu will intensify this and make it more perverse. Poor economic decisions during the period will bring more serious consequences than if the same decision was made at another time.


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