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Solar eclipse in Scorpio

The solar eclipse will happen on the Saturday in Scorpio. Besides the Sun and Moon, Mercury will be in this sign and will be combust. The day after Mars will move into this sign, which it owns. This a mixed bag of intensity. The eclipse will uncover secrets especially through the written word, such as documents, a diary, or emails. As Scorpio is a sign of death and inheritance, it could come in the form of a will. This is likely to be unpleasant and transformational, but Mars moving into Scorpio will help stabilize thing quickly.

Mars will also aspect Jupiter in Aquarius after it moves into Scorpio. This will give energy to hopes and dreams. Groups long separated will come together during the Mars transit through Scorpio. The fact that Jupiter is in a Saturn ruled sign and Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn will help give an increasing sense of stability and security to a newly forming hope.

This is setting us up for bigger changes that will happen in the beginning of April, as Rahu and Ketu will change signs and move into Aries and Libra respectively. This will be the biggest long-term shift since September 2020. This will be the last eclipse before this shift, so the next 6 months will uncover many secrets and much will change, but the other planets will be more stable and benefic to support this shift than the last time it occurred.

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