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Solar Eclipse of Exalted Sun in Aries

In two days, the Sun will enter Aries, which is its sign of exaltation. In twelve days, the new Moon will happen here. This is also the eclipse point as Rahu is in Aries. There will be a total solar eclipse on April 20th visible in Australia, India, South East Asia, and parts of the Pacific. This means this new Moon sets up a pattern for the next six months, being most potent in the first month and then gradually tapering off. The energy of the planets at the new Moon will resonate over the next six months, especially the position of the nodes of the Moon and what they indicate.

In this case Rahu in Aries novelty, bold individual action, and perhaps explosive disasters and Ketu in Libra indicating loss of partnerships or relationship, breakdown in systems of trade like the stock market, and isolation. However, in this cycle Rahu in Aries is dominate as the exalted Sun is there along with Mercury, while there are no planets currently transiting Libra except Ketu.

Also, a day after the new Moon, Mercury will go retrograde in Aries. Mars and Mercury are currently exchanging signs. This will play havoc with communications, electronics, travel, and the media. It could be the beginning of the reversal of many accepted narratives that will play out over the next six months.

This will be especially true for the USA, as Mars is its 8th house of Gemini where there four planets in its natal chart and Aries is it 6th house of enemies. This may indicate an attack from an enemy especially a cyber-attack or an attack on the electric grid or transportation infrastructure.

This also plays heavily into Trump’s legal case and there will likely be a major development in the period from April 20th to the end of May. His ability to run will likely succeed or fail within this time period and the consequences of his victory or loss will play out over the next six months.

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