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Terrorist attack on Israel

The terrorist attack on Israel, on October 7th, occurred just after Mars had entered Libra and passed Ketu. Libra is the 1st house in the natal chart of Israel, where its natal Ketu is placed. Ketu and Mars are considered to have a similar energy. Ketu is more inward facing, implosive and spiritual. Whereas Mars is more outward facing, explosive, and martial. Together Mars and Ketu often create a very destructive and warlike energy.

Israel also has a retrograde Jupiter in its 9th house of Sagittarius. This natal Jupiter is aspecting the retrograde transit of Jupiter in Aries and this Jupiter in Aries is also apecting the natal Jupiter in Sagittarius and both of these Jupiters are aspecting Leo. Aries is the 7th of others individuals and relationships, in the case of a nation indicating relations with other individual nations. Sagittarius is Israel’s 3rd house, a house of ego, skill, and achievement through personal effort. Leo is Israel’s 11thhouse, a house of popularity, public image, and intuitional power. The transit of retrograde Jupiter in Aries is also aspecting Mars and Ketu in its 1st house of Libra. All of these aspects of two retrograde Jupiters indicate a temporary loss or reversal of the authority, wisdom, and luck or grace of Israel in the areas indicated by the houses involved, making them vulnerable to the surprise attack indicated by Mars and Ketu in Libra.

As this attack took place before the eclipse of the Sun on the 14th and Ketu will change signs by the end of the month, it is likely that this war will last less than six months and not drag on for years like the Russia Ukraine war. On the 28th of October there will be a lunar eclipse in Aries, the sign of warriors and the 7th house of the other for Israel, this will be a day to watch. There is likely to be a major event in the conflict on this day, or a day or two on either side of this date.

To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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