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Th exalted Moon, Mars, and the Pleiades

The Moon is Full and in Taurus, its sign of exaltation, with a retrograde Mars. This is interesting because at the beginning of Taurus is a lunar house called Kritika. Every sign contains two and a half lunar houses approximately 13 degrees in size, the distance the Moon moves in a day. Mars is known as Kartikeya in Hindu mythology and this name means of the Krittikas. The Krittikas refer to a 7-star cluster that make up part of the sign of Taurus, scientifically this star cluster is known as the Pleiades. These stars are considered to be the mothers or nurse maids of Kartikeya the God of war and celibate yogis. The Moon is an indicator of the mother in Astrology. So, we have the planet that indicates mothers exalted and in a sign that contains the stars that are the “mothers” of Mars, with a retrograde Mars.

These two planets have a complicated relationship. They are debilitated in each other’s houses and an association of Mars with the Moon can obstruct romantic relationships, yet Mars is considered to be friends with the Moon and the Moon is considered to be neutral towards Mars. They are also opposite in many ways the Moon being passive, feminine, watery, and psychological; while Mars is active, physical, masculine, and fiery.

This retrograde period of Mars has been frustrated acting and accomplishing things in the world. This causes the energy of Mars to turn inward and makes one reflect on one’s action and why they are not working or having the desired results, as Mars is harsh this often leads to excessive self-criticism and doubt. The exalted Moon can be an antidote to this harsh aspect of Mars and allow to reflect on one’s actions in the light of self-acceptance and sense of psychological safety that ideal mother would give a child. Your actions will not gain much traction until Mars goes direct on January 12th, but this transit is an opportunity to admit your failures, forgive yourself, and start over. It is likely that self-criticism and over analyzing your mistakes is getting in the way of acting effectively. The next five weeks are a time to accept this, nurture yourself, come up with a plan, and when Mars goes direct take action.

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