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Trump, Rahu, and the F.B.I.

Mars has just finished its transit through Aries and has entered Taurus. Rahu is currently in Aries and about 10 days ago Mars and Rahu were conjunct. Rahu is a planet that delivers karma that is hard to remedy and represents sudden changes, explosions, the socially unacceptable, poisons, assassinations and illusions. It is often seen as delivering negative things, but this is not always true as it can deliver sudden wealth and can represent technologies such as the television or telescope. Mars and Rahu are enemies to each other and are an explosive combination. Mars is often seen as negative, but has both negative and positive aspects and represents both violence and vitality.

Mars is currently between the transit of Rahu in Aries and Trump’s native Rahu in Taurus. In Trumps natal chart, Mars is in his first house of Leo and the ruling planet of Leo, the Sun, is in Taurus. The current transit of Mars is also aspecting his Trump’s natal Mars in Leo. His natal Mars is aspecitng his 4th house of Scorpio where his natal Ketu and Moon are placed. This involves his 9th house (Aries), his 10th house (Taurus) and his 1st house (Leo). Mars is caught between his karma with the law and the justice system and the karma with his success, power, and career.

The fact that the current transit of Mars and Trump’s natal Mars are both aspecting his 4th house, which represents the home, homeland, emotion, and the heart can be seen as indicating the raid of his house by the FBI. The fact that this involves the houses ruled by Mars and the two very strong positions for Mars, Mars in Aries and Leo, may give him the strength and ability to fight through this. However, when Mars was in Aries it was aspecting his natal Saturn and Venus in his 12th house of Cancer. This is a weak Saturn further weakened by the fact that his natal Moon, the ruler of Cancer, is debilitated in Scorpio. Also, Saturn is currently transiting Capricorn and is retrograde, which means it is aspecting his natal Saturn. Given that this involves his 6th house (Capricorn) of enemies and his 12thhouse (Cancer) of losses and prisons, it could indicate his enemies putting him in jail.

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