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Trump's Indictment

Yesterday, as Trump was indicted, Mercury came within two degrees of Rahu in Aries, which is Trump’s 9th house of law and justice. Mercury is exchanging signs with Mars, which is in Gemini and is Trumps 11th house of gains and fame. Also, in Gemini is Trump’s natal Mercury.

In Trump’s 12th house of Cancer, his natal Saturn and Venus are placed. This places his natal Mercury and the current transit of Mars between his natal Rahu and natal Saturn, this along with the exchange of signs is placing a lot of pressure on Mercury, which is the ruler of his 2nd and 11th houses. This indicates a large loss of money. Also, yesterday the Moon entered his 2nd house of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, where his natal Jupiter is place.

\. Both the Moon and his Natal Jupiter are aspecting the current transit of Jupiter in Pisces his 8thhouse, a house of death and rebirth. The transit of Jupiter is aspecting his natal Saturn and natal Venus in his 12th house, a house of loss. As he is in Jupiter dasha, Jupiter has the most influence in his life at the moment and will help him greatly.

Tomorrow Venus will enter his 10th house of Taurus where his natal Rahu and natal Sun are placed. Venus rules his 3rd house of ego and his 10th house of power and authority. Venus owns Taurus and the Sun is the ruler of his Lagna or rising sign, these two planets will give him a lot of strength over the next month.

Putting all of this together Trump will lose a lot of resources, money, and some supporters defending himself. Over the next month as Venus’s transit through his 10th house, he is likely to have a symbolic death and rebirth and he will probably have the case dismissed or beat these charges in some way. However, there are a lot of strong positive and negative indications for his at this time and he is likely to be charged with more crimes over the next 4 months as Mars transits through Gemini and into it sign of debilitation Cancer.

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