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Trump's latest inditement

Trump’s new inditement came just as the Moon was moving into his 9th house of Aries. This house is a house of the law and the justice system among other things and at this time Jupiter and Rahu are transiting this house. Saturn is also aspecting this house from Aquarius, Trump’s 7th house of other people, partnerships, and relationships. Saturn is also aspecting his 1st house, which represent the body, self-image, personality, as well as the 4th house representing the home, patriotism, emotions, and safety.

In his natal chart Ketu is placed in his 4th house of Scorpio. The aspect of the transit of Saturn onto his natal Ketu creates a combination of the two primary indicators of the manifestation of past karma. The transit of Mars through the Moon ruled house of Cancer also plays a part in the timing of these charges. The charges were announced when the Moon entered Aries, a Mars ruled sign, which created a brief exchange of signs between Mars in Cancer and the Moon in Aries. Mars is also the ruler of Scorpio, where his natal Ketu is placed and the transit of Mars is aspecting the transit of Ketu through Libra as well as Saturn in Aquarius from its placement in Cancer. This interaction between Saturn, Ketu, Mars and the Moon has created a massive dump of karma into his life.

The combination of the houses involved indicate that this is the result of karma he created in relationship or partnership with other individuals, rather than groups, and that his ego got him in trouble with or hated by individuals in the justice system. It is also interesting that his 4th house is involved as this house is and indictor of the home and the charges against him revolve around documents stored in his home. This will be a very difficult and damaging time for him, but Jupiter is in a very good position for him, so luck is on his side. The consequences will become clearer when Mars moves into Leo in about five weeks. Leo is his first house and Mars is strong here and is being aspected by a powerful Jupiter in good dignity. This could allow him to avoid conviction, but there are many indicators pulling in opposite directions and the outcome is far from certain.

To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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