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Trumps 4th Indictment happens just after the Sun enter its drowning point

Trump got his 4th indictment on Monday the 14th of August just after the Sun enter its Gandata point in Cancer. The Gandata point in the Zodiac, generally translated as drowning point, occur in the last three degrees of a water sign and the first three degree of a fire sign. When a planet enters this part of the Zodiac its influence temporality disappears from the chart. It is often compared to type of death and rebirth cycle for the planet as significant change can be made in relation to the energies of the planet during this period.

The fact that the Sun entered its drowning point is of great significance for Trump, as the Sun rules his 1st house of Leo where his natal Mars is placed. Currently Mars and Mercury are transiting Leo. Mars rules Aries, where Jupiter is transiting, and Mercury rules Virgo, where Trumps natal Jupiter is placed. Jupiter is significant because Trump is in his Jupiter Dasha, which means Jupiter has the strongest influence on what manifest in his life at this time. When the Sun entered Gandanta he temporarily lost the power of his 1st house, with its well-placed Mars, as well as the protection of the well-placed transit of Jupiter in Aries. The power of his speech to protect him from enemies was also lost at the time, indicated by the natal retrograde Jupiter in Virgo his 2nd house of speech that aspects Capricorn his 6th house of enemies.

This indictment struck him immediately after he became astrologically vulnerable, showing how much both his 1st house and Jupiter are involved in protecting him. It is also this indictment that puts him at greatest risk, as it is a state rather than a federal charge and it is the only indictment for which he cannot pardon himself should he become president again.

After the Sun exits it Gandanta point, on Monday, there is likely to be another significant event for him around this indictment. When this occurs Mars will have moved into Virgo and Mercury will go retrograde in Leo on Wednesday, indicating he will go on the attack with his speech and his lawyers in a strong, intense, and combative manner. Mars will be aspecting his 9th house of Aries where Jupiter is transiting, indicating he may have some success with this tactic.

To understand how these transits affect you an individual analysis is required. The interaction between your natal chart and the transits of the planets is always very individual and personal. Contact me for a reading at .

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