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Tucker Carlson fired four days after Solar Eclipse

Tucker Carlson lost his job at Fox News four days after the solar eclipse in Aries and three days after Mercury went retrograde in Aries. In his natal chart Aries is his 10th house of career and authority and he has a debilitated Saturn placed here. His rising sign is Cancer and the ruler of Cancer is the Moon. Mars is also exchanging signs with a retrograde Mercury. He lost his job just after the Moon enter Gemini, ruled by Mercury, where Mars is transiting. So, the events in order are these, the eclipse occurred in Aries, Mercury went retrograde in Aries, the Moon entered Gemini where Mars is transiting, Tucker lost his job. This is an example of the delayed effect an eclipse can have.

The eclipse, which involves the Moon and is Tucker’s ruling planet, set the stage for this sudden and surprising event. Rahu, the eclipse point, is a specialist in the sudden, surprising, tragic, perverted, and underhanded. However, it took the Moon transiting from Aries, his 10th house of career, to Gemini, his 12th of loss, to activate the deeper connection between these signs, created by Mars and Mercury exchanging signs, for the event indicated by the eclipse to manifest.

In his natal chart he has the Moon, Mercury, and Sun in his 11th house of Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus and in his natal chart his Venus is exalted in Pisces. The Moon is strong in Taurus. Mercury and Sun are in good dignity here, but not as strong. On top of this Venus is currently transiting Taurus. This combination of an exalted Venus in his natal chart and the transit of Venus through its own sign makes it almost impossible for this sign to give bad results. As the 11th house is the house of gain, fame, friends or social circle, and large institution such as companies, this house indicates that he will land on his feet. The loss of his job his not likely to decrease his fame, influence, or opportunities, in fact it is likely to increase them.

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