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USA diplomacy and Geopolitics

The next month will be an interesting time for US diplomatic relationships and geopolitics. Mars has just entered Pisces, where it joins the ruler of the sign Jupiter and an exalted Venus. Mars and Jupiter are friends, but Venus is friends with neither of them. However, because Venus is in Pisces with its ruler and is exalted in this sign it will still give good result. The bad news is Venus will only be in Pisces for six more days, after that it will enter Aries.

Mercury is currently retrograde in Taurus, a house ruled by Venus, and Mercury rules the 8th house of the United States, Gemini. Taurus is the 7th house of the United States, which is the house of diplomacy and partnerships. When Venus enters Aries, it will lose its exalted state and be in the sign with Rahu. This will create the US to suddenly feel the impact of retrograde Mercury in Taurus and it will weaken the 8th house for the US. This 8th house of Gemini has four planets; the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars. Mars is also currently aspecting Gemini from Pisces. The 8th house is the house of death and rebirth.

For the next six days US diplomatic relationship will seem to be strengthening, but when Venus enters Aries, it will begin a sudden breakdown and confusion in agreements the US has made with other countries. This could mean a breakdown in the coalition against Russian and the sanctions put on it, as it involves the 8th house this is likely to involve oil. It could also mean a breakdown in relations with China

Taurus is Putin’s 8th house and as his ruling planet, Venus, enters his 6th house of enemies, Aries, he will need to be careful as there is likely a threat to his life from assignation or serious illness.

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