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Venus known as Shukracharya in Sanskrit, who is a great sage who liberates all. The name literally meaning semen hygiene, probably referring to the proper regulation of sexual and creative energy. As such, he is related to Kama Rupa (desire gem) and symbolizes the desires and passions of men. He is related to the sexual and procreative function, but even more so to creativity in general. Venus is the impulse to harmony, the sensual, and artistic creation.

Venus belongs to the Brahmin (priestly) class and is considered the counselor of the demons or asuras. This does not mean demon as in evil, but rather the chthonic or earthly deities. As such, Venus elevates the desires and passions from lust and indulgence to artistic creation, romance, or at least a socially constructive action. He counsels demons against the destructive aspects of desire. Venus is considered as representing the downward flow of spiritual energy that was necessary to create a physical universe and man. Venus is the subjective becoming objective both in artistic creation and in creation of the material universe.

Venus can bestow worldly pleasure such as wealth, clothes, ornaments, perfumes, musical talent, sex, high status, and freedom from work. However, under more exalted influence, one experiences a oneness with creation and seeks harmony everywhere. This experience leads naturally towards selflessness as giving joy and happiness to other becomes indistinguishable for their own happiness. They take joy in life itself and seek a synthesis of diversity into harmony without self-denying austerities.

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