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Venus enters Pisces

Venus has just entered Pisces, its sign of exultation. It is joined here by Jupiter the ruler of the sign. Jupiter and Venus are not friends, but in this combination they are both in good dignity, so the results in life should be good. The danger here is too much of a good thing. This combination brings the tendency to overindulge in anything you find pleasurable especially food, alcohol, drugs, sex, and even entertainment like music or movies. This placement also makes it a good time to apologize, make amend, and repair relationships. It can also bring a burst of creativity, so it would be a good time to start a new project, especially an artistic one.

The counter balance to this energy is Saturn as it is still having a strong influence one nearly all the planets. Venus has left the sign ruled by Saturn, but it is still hemmed by Saturn and Rahu on either side of Pisces. Saturn can provide structure and discipline to curb the excesses of the Jupiter and Venus combination in Pisces, it can provide the humility for an apology, and the bring a creative idea into physical manifestation. However, this will not be easy as the pleasures of Venus will be a strong temptation. Saturn is available for support, but he must be engaged with conscious effort. Even with this effort you may still fail, as Saturn may desire to humble you. If this occurs, do not get discouraged as Saturn is a tough, but fair teacher trying to teach difficult lessons. It ultimately wants to get you beyond desires for success and fear of failure, it often teaches detachment.

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