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Venus in Capricorn and Saturn enters Aquarius

Venus has entered Capricorn where they will join its ruler, Saturn. Saturn will move into its own sign of Aquarius in five days. Saturn in both Capricorn and Aquarius will help Venus express its more positive aspects as the ruler of Capricorn will be in its own sign. This move into Capricorn will also move Venus out of the aspect of retrograde Mars in Taurus.

Venus in Capricorn helps curb excesses or indulgences in pleasures, this month may be a good time to change bad or unhealthy habits. Capricorn is the earth sign ruled by Saturn and as such it will help get practical results from your efforts in domains ruled by Venus. However, Mars is still retrograde and this opposes such tangible results from action.

Mars will go direct at the end of the January and at that time Mercury will also be direct in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and be aspected by Mars. Mars is also in a house ruled by Venus, Taurus, so Mars will give results influenced by a Venus in a Saturnian mood. Saturn and Mars are not friends, but this kind of indirect influence through Venus could be a perfect combination of creativity and practical action.

Mercury is in a sign ruled by Jupiter while Jupiter is in its own sign of Pisces. This could give and elevated philosophical and spiritual aspect to your communications and intellect. However, it could also make you aloof and arrogant and as it is being aspected by Mars this could get you into arguments and make you seem callous to others.

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