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Venus in Debilitation

The Sun will enter its Gandata, or drowning point, as it moves towards the end of the sign of Cancer. This will start in two days and last for a weak. During this period the Sun’s influence in the chart will be absent. This may cause a loss of confidence and trouble with your father or authority figures and governments.

Venus has also just entered its sign of debilitation, Virgo, and will remain here for the next month. This is the main planets of relationships, which also represents females, but generally in roles outside of motherhood. This will create conflict between females and male authority figures, especially in government.

For the next month most people will struggle in relationships and for the next nine days your confidence, sense of vitality, and mood will take a hit. This will improve ten days from now as the Sun exits its drowning point and enters its own sign of Leo. This will give you the will and endurance to get through the month. However, be careful about being overconfident and selfish. You may feel the urge to do so when the Sun enters Leo, but this will damage your relationships. Patients is the best at this time.

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