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Venus leaves its sign of debilitation

This week Venus will leave Virgo, its sign of debilitation, and enter its own sign of Libra. Mercury will remain in Virgo, its sign of exaltation. The Sun will remain in its own sign of Leo and Mars will move from Leo to Virgo. Virgo is not a good position for Mars, but being joined in the sign by its exalted ruler, Mercury, will give good result.

So, by the end of the week we will have three planets in very good dignity or exaltation. Things should good smoother, especially in terms of one-on-one relationships of romance or business. However, a retrograde Saturn will be aspecting Venus in Libra. Venus and Saturn are friends and Saturn is in its own sign. This indicates good, but delayed results in relationships. The work you put into relationships will show their fruit after Saturn goes direct on October 10th.

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