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Venus, Mars and the Bank collapse

Last week’s post is an example as how you can come close to a correct prediction, but miss some subtle elements. I said that there would probably be some type of communication failure or a failure of or attack on the of the electric grid. I said this because of Mars transit into Gemini from which its aspects the 2nd and 3rd house from the 8th in the natal chart of the USA. The 2nd house is a house of speech, but it is also a house of accumulated money or savings. The 3rd house is a house of communication and media and to some extent technology, but also of trade.

The 3rd is essentially a house of quick, short-term exchange of information, indicating things such as gossip, media, and the internet. Banking in the current day largely is done through the exchange of information on the internet and not through physical presence or the exchange of physical money. This transit of Mars could indicate a communication failure and break down of the electric grid, but it could also indicate the failure of the banking system, which happened.

The transit of Venus, indicating money, turned out to have more influence than the transit of Mars. In the natal chart of the USA, Venus moved into the 6th house enemies where it joined Rahu. However, Venus also rules the 12th house of loss, which is Libra where Ketu is currently transiting. Ketu is also a planet of loss. However, the natal Venus of the USA is in Gemini where Mars is transiting. So, it came down to how to weigh the transits. If the transit of Venus was more important indications leaned towards loss of money, if the transit of Mars was more important indications leaned towards a breakdown in technology, communication, and the electric grid. I incorrectly judged Mars to be the dominant influence in these transits.

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