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Venus retrograde entering Sagittarius

Venus is retrograde and is about to leave Capricorn and reenter Sagittarius. Venus does less well in this sign and in three days it will also be combust. This means for the next two weeks will be frustrating. You will find yourself especially irritated with one-on-one relationships and will find it difficult to relax.

Mercury has just entered Capricorn were it is joined by the ruler of the sign, which is Saturn. Communications and transactions will be smoother especially in large organization or when speaking to groups. You may get a promotion and it is also a good time to ask for one. It is a good time to sort out your finances and pay off debt.

Mars is in its own sign of Scorpio and is no longer combust. It is also aspecting Jupiter in Aquarius. This means it is a good time to take action in regards to large groups, another reason to ask for a promotion. It is also a good time for reunions of various sorts. Long standing secrets are likely to come out and it is a good time to work out problems or resentments of various sorts with groups such as family. It may be a good time to start therapy, but also a good time to go to your doctor or other health appointment that you may have been putting off due to covid lockdowns. Difficult to diagnose diseases will be easier to diagnose and treat at this time and it could save your life, as Scorpio is a sign of both death and rebirth.

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